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Top 10 Reasons (Not) To Consider Ermetic

For many of us who embark on a new chapter, there comes a time where uncertainty quickly leads to anticipation, nervousness to excitement, and lack of knowledge to proficiency.

Whilst excitement is an all-time high after 6 weeks with Ermetic, I couldn't help but realise that Ermetic isn't for everyone. As I wonder why one wouldn't want to consider a game-changing cloud security platform (even with some of the publicised breaches recently in Australia), I've managed to note down the "Top 10 Reasons" on why you should not consider Ermetic. Here it goes:

  1. You believe Cloud is like Hogwarts and rather never step foot on that platform.

  2. You'd rather stay up all night to make sure no one accidentally deletes sensitive data than locking it all up and getting a good night sleep. Who needs sleep anyway.

  3. You love Excel spreadsheets and don't mind updating your company's cloud resource details daily. Make sure Milton staples it to the TPS report for Lumbergh!

  4. You consider yourself a trusted member within the group and hence have granted yourself full access to everything in the cloud.

    1. (And) your coldie mate Steve-o (sorry for the Aussie lingo) who happens to be so knowledgable - you also trust him with his full access too!

  5. You never read fine prints when signing contracts anyway, so you don't mind skipping through the fine security details when committing new resources in the cloud.

  6. You know it's crazy to believe cloud resources have an "Identity" on its own.

  7. Hence you don't mind systems behaving on it's own even if you're not at the keyboard - that's Automation, right?

  8. You are a huge fan of NCIS and know how easy to run through a forensics analysis.

  9. You have unlimited budgets and would be totally okay to pay any fines or ransom in the event a compromised cloud resource caused a breach.

  10. You have no desire in mixing Compliance, Security and DevOps. It's like Witchcraft and Wizardry and is forbidden in the real world.

If these don't apply to you, perhaps you should reach out to Ermetic and find out why they are the leader in cloud security, today.

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